I'm a Toronto-born, London-based journalist, editor and web developer. I’m currently indulging in my love of creating great online experiences for readers as a content editor on the Creative Solutions team at MSN UK.

I've been a fact checker, business reporter, feature writer, copywriter, and managing editor of two quarterly trade magazines. But ever since studying for and completing my MSc in Electronic Publishing at City University London, I’ve been most interested in combining my growing web development skills with my love of crafting great content to engage readers.

This has led to a new passion for interactives and data visualization—check out some examples of my work (here’s the latest one) and my dissertation on best practices for data visualization in the newsroom, written as part of a News21 fellowship at UC Berkeley.

I'm also a keen designer and developer of websites, and have discovered that my editorial background makes me a natural (and nit-picky) interaction designer and information architect.

Obsessed with the future of online publishing and caught between a love for both content and coding, I hope to continue working in roles where I can be both a hack and a hacker. When I'm not obsessing about web geekery, I'm probably cooking, reading books by food historians, practicing my Italian or playing the ukulele.

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