I can do the work for you - or give your team or organisation the tools to do it yourselves.

I offer workshops and private coaching for individuals, product teams and organisations who would like to get better at learning about their customers and testing their ideas.

Or embed me in your team - as we work together on research or product development, I’ll ensure your team has the tools to do it again and again after I leave the project.

Continuous discovery workshop

I teach a hands-on workshop for product teams who would like to get better at experimenting and learning alongside working through their backlog.

You’ll come away with an understanding of exactly how you can get a continous discovery track started on your team. You’ll also leave with ideas for simple, lean experiments you can run tomorrow to see if your product and feature ideas have legs.

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Discovery coaching & facilitation

I have years of experience coaching others in UX and product discovery best practices - from product owners at MSN UK, to startup clients at Mint Digital, to teams and stakeholders at The Guardian, Springer Nature and Eurostar. 

I can work with you to plan and run workshops that help speed up discovery and design - such as design sprints

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